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Hello! You may not know this, but channeling abilities are not limited to a select few. In fact, I firmly believe that every individual possesses the capacity to channel, regardless of whether they believe it or not. Join me as we explore the nature of channeling, how you can unlock your inner power, and learn How to Channel – Even If (You Think) You Can’t. Let’s dive in!

What Are Channeling Abilities?

Channeling is a profound means of spiritual unveiling and conscious transformation. It involves establishing a connection with higher realms of existence, allowing energy or information from these elevated dimensions to flow through you. 

Channeling is a powerful method that enables you to bridge the gap between your physical reality and the realm of higher consciousness. It is through this connection that we tap into the collective higher consciousness, often referred to as God, Spirit, the all that is, or the universal mind.

To be an intuituve channel is to shift our conscious mind or mental state to receive information from an expanded source.

While channeling is commonly associated with mediums, it extends beyond that. Artists, musicians, writers, and even individuals engaged in various professions can channel their creative energies and connect with higher guidance to express their unique healing gifts. 


How Do You Unlock Your Inner Power?

The key to unlocking your inner power lies in recognizing the multidimensional nature of our universe and establishing a connection with your source of guidance. This connection is at the heart of channeling, and it can manifest in various creative endeavors or even mundane activities.

When my dear friend Randy Luna, a talented musician, composes his mesmerizing music during our Spiritual Happy Hours and Double-Digit Activations, he too is channeling. He connects with the divine source, allowing the harmonies and melodies to emerge effortlessly.

It’s not limited to artistic pursuits alone. A business coach, for instance, can channel guidance for their clients, helping them navigate the next steps in their professional journeys. Channeling is a powerful tool that anyone can employ, whether you’re a coach, a salesperson, or even an everyday individual seeking guidance and inspiration.

How To Channel – Even If (You Think) You Can’t

Now, let’s explore how you can tap into your channeling abilities, even if you believe it’s beyond your reach. The first step is to open yourself to the possibility that channeling is a natural ability present within each of us.

Focus on your intention to receive guidance or creative inspiration. Trust in the process and let go of any doubts or limitations you may hold. Be open to the flow of information that transcends your current consciousness.

Channeling does not have to be an esoteric concept reserved for a chosen few. It is a powerful tool that unlocks our hidden potential and enables us to access higher realms of consciousness. 

I hope this exploration of channeling has ignited a spark within you, encouraging you to delve deeper into your own channeling abilities. 

If you feel the urge to answer the call, here are some places to start:

The Channeler’s Method

The Channeler’s Academy

How To Channel – Even If (You Think) You Can’t

Embrace your ability to channel, and allow the flow of inspiration and guidance to permeate your life!

Namaste Y’all

Marilyn 💜

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