Try A Little Kindness




“Try A Little Kindness”

Hi, Marilyn Harper here…

Hello. Happy November, or whatever month you’re watching this in, happy month. Today I want to talk about the power of kind words. I had a few friends last month that did some really wonderful kind things for me, and I was so surprised I thought, “What a great time for a weekly message to embrace the gratitude that we have and just hold each of us in that space of kindness.”

Why is kindness so powerful?

I did a little research in preparing for my “Spiritual Happy Hour” message. I found that hundreds of people were tested over a year’s time period, and they found that when people did kind acts or shared kind words with other people, their stress levels actually went down and their immune systems were boosted.

They caught fewer colds, and they didn’t catch the flu. I mean, how cool is that to think that just by sharing kind words, we can avoid getting the flu shot or we can stay healthier? I mean really, seriously!

Well, that’s what I’d like you to think about this week, is to just think about ways that you can be kind to people. What kind words can you say?

How do you describe someone kind?

I mean, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. I had some friends over for dinner and two of my friends washed all my dishes. When I realized this, I thought, “What a kind thing. What a wonder-filled gesture for them to do.”

I mean, it is important to be kind. You never know what that little act of kindness or a few kind words will do to shift someone’s life. Therefore, it must be important because the bells are ringing! Shift someone’s life and therefore it’s going to shift your life as well!

What are 3 kindness examples?

  • Doing an act of service for someone else.
  • Saying kind words.
  • Showing gratitude. 

What is a Kindness Meditation?

On the back of our Cobalt Blue bottles that we sell, it says “Shift and the World Around You Shifts”. It’s really true. The world around us does shift every time we do some little act of kindness or share kind words with someone else. Be kind to your friends and be kind to strangers. Never underestimate the power of kind words. 

A kindness meditation would consist of you setting intentions toward being more kind, thinking kind words about yourself or others, or mentally sending goodwill toward people. 

Check out our Personalized Guided Meditations, where we can help you set intentions toward kindness, gratitude, healing, and so much more. 

Thank you for spending a little time with me this week, and allowing me to share kind words with you. I love you all. Namaste. Namaste y’all.

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  1. Dearest Masters of Light.

    This New Year I was invited into meeting with Adironnda family by Lee Caroll and Monika Muranyi on Healing Wednesday. My story is now on miracle moment latest episode.

    That path was my left brain based search for my souls purpose.

    Now you introduced "plurkin" as a portal to joy. I was missing that. Thanks to Randy Luna and Adirondda energy I stayed (first thoughts were "what a heck…. Is this real stuff. for me.). The energy resonated with me and now I realize this is a real time continuum for me to find real balance. Diminish the ego.

    Now I watched latest happy hours. First time for me. Thank you for that. (And Joeaux because I have also read Gary Renards books….and like the teachings of Miracles….) 🙂 and more Randy Luna.

    Besides; today got an Christmas postcard with a heart symbol. It was a thank-you card of
    the Médecins Sans Frontières organisation for my contribution there.

    Blessed Dearest Souls in Kryonmasters family. Merry Christmas to all of you.


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