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Hello, beautiful souls! I am absolutely thrilled to share with you the magic that I have found in energy healing. Have you ever found yourself curious about this profound and transformative practice? Well, you’re in the right place because we’re unraveling the essence of Energy Healing, and unveiling the power it can hold.

What is the Meaning of Healing Energy?

Have you ever wondered about the increasing information about the term energy healing?  

When I began down this path, there wasn’t much information about it, and really not many people knew what it was.

This is the way I define it:

Energy Healing is the art of realigning the body’s electrical system. Imagine our body as an intricate electrical system where every emotion, every experience, leaves its imprint. Energy Healing is the art of restoring balance, reconnecting those circuits that may have momentarily lost their harmony.

In my early days, the landscape of energy healing was vastly different. It was like exploring uncharted territory, and not many were familiar with its wonders. I vividly recall the moments when I first ventured into the realm of Reiki Level 2, and the profound shifts that followed. 

As I worked on friends with ailments ranging from Scoliosis to headaches, the results were astounding. Beyond the physical touch, I started sensing and seeing into the depths of their bodies. The responsibility felt overwhelming, yet I persisted.

How do you Activate the Power of Healing?

Imagine a scenario: you bump your arm into a wall. What’s your immediate response? You instinctively place your hand over the injury. This instinctual act is a form of energy healing, a natural flow of healing energy from your hand to the affected area. Energy healing is an innate capability, an ancient reflex encoded in our very essence.

You might be thinking, “Is everyone capable of energy healing?” Absolutely. Just like singing, some have a natural talent, while others refine their skills through lessons

As I immersed myself in this path, a profound realization unfolded— it was a dance with intuition, a gift unlocked through attunement and dedication. Activating the power of healing starts by communing with the Divine energies that flow through us all. 

Think about those reflex actions we all perform when in pain, it’s a beautiful reminder that energy healing is innate within us. This is evidence that we have always had the ability to heal ourselves and those around us. 

energy healing

What is the Spiritual Gift of Healing?

The spiritual gift of healing is an embodiment of intention, a sacred offering to the universe. Energy healing is not just about addressing the surface; it’s about diving into the depths of our emotions and aligning the emotional and physical realms.

In my journey, the true revelation came when Lee Carroll and Kryon shared messages from the Water by Dr. Emoto. This was a game-changer, understanding that water responded to human emotion, and so did our bodies, which are predominantly water. 

If I can embark on this soul-stirring journey, so can you. I invite you to consider the immense potential within you. Energy healing is not just a practice; it’s a Divine calling to rediscover the harmonious dance of your own meridians. Let your intentions be the guiding force as you explore the realms of Reiki, quantum touch, body talk, Holographic Healing, or whichever resonates with your spirit.

Remember, you are a vessel of healing energy, and the universe eagerly awaits your harmonious contribution. 

Sending you waves of love and vibrant energy. 

Namaste Y’all,


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