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Channeling is the fascinating ability to connect with Divine energies and receive profound guidance, it is a skill that can awaken your spiritual potential and transform your life. 

Today, we will explore what channeling truly means, what it means for a person to channel, and the essential skills required to develop this remarkable gift. So, grab a cup of tea, relax, and let’s dive into the magical realm of channeling!

What Does Channeling Mean?

Channeling, at its core, is a profound and sacred practice that allows us to transcend the boundaries of the physical world and connect with higher realms of consciousness. 

It is an invitation to open ourselves to the Divine and become conduits for Divine energy, wisdom, and love. When we channel, we enter into a partnership with spiritual beings, ascended masters, angels, or even our higher selves, and together, we co-create a sacred space where communication and guidance can flow freely.

Channeling is a gateway to accessing information that extends beyond our limited human perspective. It is a way to tap into universal truths, receive insights, and gain a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey and purpose. 

What Does it Mean for a Person to Channel?

To channel is to become a bridge between the earthly and spiritual realms, allowing the Divine to express itself through our human form. It is an extraordinary partnership, where our conscious awareness merges with the loving presence of higher beings or energies. 

When we channel, we surrender our personal agenda and egotistic desires, creating space for profound wisdom and unconditional love. Channeling is a process of becoming a pure instrument, a vessel through which Divine frequencies can be transmitted, received, and shared with the world.

Channeling is not limited to verbal communication alone. It can also manifest through writing, art, music, or any other form of creative expression. In fact, many renowned writers, painters, and musicians have channeled Divine inspiration, allowing their artistry to become a conduit for the Divine essence.


What are Channeling Skills?

Channeling calls for an unwavering willingness—a courageous openness to believe in the possibility of channeling Divine energies, even if it seems beyond our grasp. It may start as a subtle whisper of doubt within, but we must have faith in the power of connection to the realms beyond.


Trusting is another crucial skill in the art of channeling. We must trust the information that comes to us, acknowledging that our first instincts are often the purest and most accurate. 

By quieting the skeptical voice of our ego, we allow the wisdom of the Divine to flow freely and unfiltered.

Channeling teaches us that we don’t have to force this connection; it is already within us, waiting to be discovered and expressed. We are reminded to let go of control and surrender to the flow of Divine energy that moves through us effortlessly.

As we learn to trust ourselves and the Divine presence that guides us, we unlock the door to a profound connection with the realms beyond. 

Remember, channeling is not reserved for a select few; it is a sacred art available to all! If you give us one weekend, you can learn How to Channel – Even If (You Think) You Can’t

Trust, trust, trust, for it is through trust that we truly discover our divine connection. 

Channeling is your birthright, waiting to be awakened.

Namaste Y’all


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  1. Dear Marilyn, before I took the Channelers Method course, I had managed to Channel, inspired by you, Lee and Esther and I can definitely say that the biggest shock was how easy it was. I not only heard the lady in questions voice but she showed me images and even some proofs for me to find later. It was amazing. When I asked her why she allowed me to channel her, she said that I had a mission but without belief, I needed the big guns to come out; she is quite famous. Later, after taking the CM course, I was able to successfully help a friend and certainly hope to do more. As Kryon says, you have a ticket for the train, you just need to wait for it to come in.

    Thank you for the remarkable courses I have taken and am still taking. I love Kryon and actually remember him from before I was born but hearing Adironnda for the first time, affected me deeply, so thank you. Namaste David

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